ITALPLANT is a consortium of high skilled and experienced companies operating within the realms of today’s most important and relevant industries: energy, oil & gas, steelworks, marine and civil construction.

The objective of ITALPLANT is to provide global solution based on high-quality products & services as well as turn-key projects, without border limitations, fulfilling the fundamental requirements of Quality, Cost, Time and Safety.

ITALPLANT’s core philosofy and valus are based on the fundament concept that multiple individual manufacturers perform better underĀ  shared view of a common project. Projects rarely stay on track if components and agents of the different material categories are acting as independent silos (e.g. an engineer’s choise of mechanical equipments interacts with the choise of the suitable electric equipment and vice versa).

ITALPLANT main partners are first-of-class companies highly specialized in their relevant fields: mechanical, electrical and renewable energy:


ITALPLANT’s expertise is in projects that benefit from win-win partnerships amongst leading individual manufacturers by leveraging their cumulative strenghts as a team, towards the ultimate goal of making the client a success.

ITALPLANT offers its top-notch services across these main fields:

  • Engineering
  • Electrical and instrumentation
  • Mechanical and process
  • Renewable energy solutions, with focus on storage
  • Steelworks and steel industry



EUROGUARCO is a qualified manufacturer and service provider with focus on projects where piping systems, valves and process equipment are required.

Established in 1958 in the Northern Italian coast, our company has since gradually grown, with ties and interests with best-of-class partners and customers worldwide, in the oil & gas, energy, petrolchemical, process, civil and marine industry.

Along the last decades, our company has invested in implementing people, techniques and procedures, with the objective to mantain a quality culture within the something foggy quality standards of th new industrial society.

In cooperation with partner-manufacturers and engineering companies, EUROGUARCO has performed outstanding turn-key and sub-contract works for several projects worldwide, from refinery to pipeline and from seaport to civil infrastructures (i.e. monument in duplex steel).

Our many areas cover:

Valve design and production:
on-off, manual and actuated: ball, DBB, gate, globe, check, butterfly, plug type.

Piping bulk package production and supply:
fittings, flanges, gaskets, insulation, pipes and tubes.

Piping systems engineering, fabbrication and supply:
pig launcher & receiver, slug catcher, system on skid, storage and distribution systems, etc.



RGM ELETTROTECNICA INDUSTRIALE is an Italian company specialized in the Industrial Electric and Process Automation design, supply and installation. The main activities are the following ones:

Electric design and industrial automation software development (PLC/SCADA/DCS), realized in our Engineering Dept.

Supply and turn-key realization of:

  • Transformer substations MV/LV
  • Distribution and control switchboards MV and LV
  • Industrial electric installations (cables, cableways, equipment, accessories etc.)
  • Lighting systems
  • Smoke and fire alarm systems
  • Lightining protection systems and earthing systems
  • Photovoltaic systems and electric systems at service of renewable energies
  • Industrial process automation software development, start-up and commissioning
  • Ancillary equipment for turn-key supply
  • Transportable equipped containers, customized design (transformer stations, distribution and control cabins onshore/offshore etc.)

EoT Plus


EoT PLUS with its strategic partners, ENERGY (www.energysynt.com) and EoT SOLUTIONS USA (www.eotsolutions.com), is part of a circuit of companies specialised in the research and experimentation of energy saving solutions and the production of totally renewable energy sources.

Plants for the production of energy from renewable sources

EoT PLUS aims to research for technical solutions using plants for the production of energy from renewable sources, such as photovoltaic plants (isolated or connected grid) or cogeneration plants, for the production of thermal energy by solar heat. The possibility to make use of “inexhaustible” sources for self-production allows for an important reduction in the energy supply costs, whether electricity and heat.